Our Story

Our Story-

The Melrose Trading Post flea market is powered by a vital partnership between the Greenway Arts Alliance and the Fairfax High School Community.

Greenway believes in the power of the arts to inspire and stimulate.
We commit to passing on knowledge and experience to the next generation.
We aspire for a genuine, deep engagement with our community.
We aim to produce inspiring professional theater and performing arts productions that represent and reflect the rich diversity of Los Angeles.
We utilize the performing arts to build community between a broad constituency of artists, educators, community members and students.

By creating a marketplace for the community, Greenway Arts Alliance has created a renewable resource for the Fairfax High School community.

Along with being a leader in public high school fundraising, Greenway established Friends of Fairfax to allocate the incoming funds and to create the critical element to make this fundraising model work: community involvement. Committees have been formed to ensure a broader voice and enhanced ownership of the projects and needs funded by Greenway’s Melrose Trading Post.

Award-winning executive directors Whitney Weston and Pierson Blaetz founded the Greenway Arts Alliance nonprofit organization in 1997.  Since it was founded, Greenway has raised millions of dollars to benefit the Fairfax community.

Aside from the Melrose Trading Post, Greenway also oversees the Greenway Court Theatre, a 99-seat theater adjacent to Fairfax High School on Fairfax Avenue. With this space they are able to bring diverse performing arts productions and to open their venue to Fairfax High School students and Los Angeles arts organizations.

Greenway Arts Alliance has recently created the Institute for the Arts at Greenway. It’s marked as a sustainable, project-based, student-centered, teaching and learning community for professional artists and young people to co-create excellent work together.