Student Volunteers

The Melrose Trading Post is an Antiques and Collectibles Market held every Sunday at Fairfax High School.
Clubs or organizations at Fairfax High School that help host this event are in turn eligible to request a grant to assist in their fundraising efforts.  Here are a few reminders and guidelines for your club or organization.  The online application can be found at the bottom of the page.  Thank you!

To sign up you must be put on the calendar w/application available below. Your group must be willing to commit to the day schedule or find replacement group if there is a need to cancel.

Please contact Assistant Principal Mr. Ross ( to sign up to volunteer and Whitney ( to sign up for your board meeting presentation.

If you need to cancel for any reason you MUST give at least 24 hours notice so The Melrose Trading Post can hire additional staff.  If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, your club or organization will not be eligible to participate again for 1 full semester.  If your club or organization does not show up on the day scheduled you will not be eligible to participate for one full school year.  If at least 24 hours advance notice is given or if a qualified replacement is found, the club or organization’s eligibility to participate again stays intact.

•    A minimum of  8 students for 12 hours or 16 students, two groups of 8, AM and PM or any other combination that works well for your group.  The most important thing to remember is that the set up and break down are the most important: if your group is large, have extra students come during this time.
•    The hours are 7am to 7pm for the students working at the Trading Post

7am – 10am
10am – 4pm
GATES (two students per gate – Melrose, Fairfax, Girls Bathroom)
4pm – 7pm

•    A sponsor MUST be at The Melrose Trading Post at all times on radio and headset
•    If your group has a uniform please have your students wear them (or just the jerseys/shirts) – students should be able to work comfortably in their attire.  For safety reason, no sandals or open toe shoes may be worn.

Food vouchers will be given to students and sponsors.   Students are eligible for a voucher only after a four hour shift is completed.   One voucher per student per day will be given.  Vouchers are valid only on the day they are issued.

After your group has worked at the Trading Post you are eligible to ask for a grant.  Generally the committee meets on the FIRST Thursday of every other month at 3:15pm in the Principal’s conference room.
•    To schedule your request you must once again sign up for time.  Email your request for a time to and she will be sure it gets to the appropriate person.  They are scheduled every 15 minutes starting at 3:30.
•    The sponsor and at least one student need to be present.
•    It is advised that your request is SPECIFIC.  Bring exact worksheets, purchase order, catalogs etc.  Let us know specifically what you have already raised, how it relates to The Fairfax Parents and Friends Mission Statement, and how your club has, or will, keep up the Beautification efforts.  It will help you.

The amount of money given to your group is based upon:
•    Need
•    Amount requested
•    Amount of fund raising your group has already done
•    The content and quality of your presentation
•    The performance of your group at the Melrose Trading Post
•    What your club will do to continue the Campus Beautification efforts for Fairfax
•    How your request relates to the Mission and Vision Statement of Greenway Friends of Fairfax

•    Gifts or Awards (Plaques/Certificates)
•    Banquets
•    Most uniforms that DO NOT remain with the school
•    Please remember that the decision is not from one person.  The group decides together the amount of the grant.  If your request is partially granted you are more than welcome to work again and ask again.  Also, the level of need and the circumstances are different for each group.  We try very hard to be fair and treat each request individually.  Because your group worked, you are eligible, not entitled, to the amount requested.  Decisions are made directly after your presentation is made.
•    If you are awarded a grant, you will be notified by letter in your box in the main office.  A check will be put in an account at the school store with a description of what it is for.  When you are ready to use the money, the Financial Manager in the Student Store will issue a check directly to the merchant.  No checks will be issued for items not requested.  If the situation of your request has changed please contact Mark Ross with an explanation.


•    If your group has a large amount of volunteers for the day, please have a separate supervised project for extra students to work.
•    Students should show up dressed to work .
•    No cell phones, ipods etc during work shift.
•    Students cannot begin until Sponsor is present.  SPONSORS AND STUDENTS MUST BE ON TIME – Latecomers will be sent home.  Not being on time will affect your request for funds.
•    Attitude and work performance will affect your request for funds.
•    Sponsor must be present in market – not nearby in classroom or gym etc.
•    Sponsor may be asked to assist in the market from time to time as needed.
•    Sponsor must be a responsible adult 21 years of age or older who can speak English well so staff and sponsor can communicate.   If sponsor does not speak English please provide a translator who is also a responsible adult, at least 21 years of age.
•    If sponsor is bringing breakfast treats for their group, please arrive early and be ready to begin work at 7am sharp.
•    Please remember that the Melrose Trading Post needs volunteers to stay all the way up to 7pm for close out.

If you understand and agree to the above and you are ready to begin the application process, please fill out the form below.

Please include the following information in the large text box:

1. Sponsor’s Name, Email and Phone Number

2. Number of Students in your Club

3. Your Reason for Fundraising

4. Which Sundays your club is available to volunteer

Thank you!

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Club Name:
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