Student Volunteer Group Information

The Melrose Trading Post (MTP) is an Antiques and Collectibles Market held every Sunday at Fairfax High School (FHS). Clubs or organizations at FHS that volunteer are eligible to request grant monies to augment their fundraising efforts.  The following are helpful guidelines for your group.

SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER: First Things First
Your Sponsor is REQUIRED to:

  • Submit an application; (available below) and
  • Contact Assistant Principal Mr. Ross ( to be put on the calendar.

Once your volunteer day has been confirmed with Mr. Ross, a member of MTP Staff will contact your Sponsor to schedule your group’s Volunteer Orientation – which will cover revised Volunteer Group Rules, RSVP protocols and our new Evaluation System; as well as your post-volunteer day presentation date with the FHS Grants Committee. 


Depending on when your group meets (during school or after-school), prior to your volunteer day we will meet to go over the new system on how grants are awarded, what constitutes an A+ Volunteer Day, how to ace the presentation and basically help prepare your group as much as we can!

The Orientation is mandatory for all groups (regardless of whether your group has volunteered in the past) and will take about 30 minutes, so please plan accordingly. Your Sponsor is required to attend; and it is highly recommended that all group members who are planning on volunteering also attend (while all members of your group are invited to learn about the process), as your group’s participation in the Orientation will factor into your final score.

Please note that MTP WILL NOT FUND: gifts or awards, plaques and certificates; banquets, and most uniforms that DO NOT remain with the school.

RSVP PROTOCOL: Where’s The Party?

We welcome volunteer groups on Sunday, but there are several questions we need answered in order to make sure any given Sunday goes smoothly for both your group and our Staff. We’ll contact your Sponsor to confirm the names of all students volunteering (per shift) NO LATER THAN 72 HOURS before the date your group is scheduled. There is a surprising amount of prep work and schedule adjusting we have to do based on the number of volunteers, so this commitment is crucial to your grant award. Students who commit to the volunteer day and show up late or not at all – will affect your group’s final score.


The elements that are the deciding factors in your group’s grant award are:

  • The level of need
  • The grant amount requested
  • Your group’s fundraising goal: how much have you raised thus far?
  • Your Volunteer Group Evaluation

In order to award grants to as many groups as possible, we have implemented a new point system, which determines your group’s performance.






Please note that while a Volunteer Peer Leader is assigned during your group’s volunteer shift, your final evaluation and grant award will be calculated by the FHS Grants Committee.

If your grant request is only partially funded, your group is more than welcome to re-apply for another volunteer opportunity. Please remember that groups are eligible, not entitled, to the amount requested.  Decisions are made directly after your presentation is made.

Grant recipients will be notified by email with the amount of their award. A check will be deposited into your group’s account at the school store with a description of what it is to be used for. When you are ready to use the money, the Financial Manager in the Student Store will issue a check directly to the merchant.  No checks will be issued for items not requested in the grant application and presentation.  If the situation of your request has changed, your Sponsor should contact Mark Ross, prior to your group’s presentation date.

Your group is considered committed to your volunteer date once it is confirmed with Mr. Ross.

In the rare instance your group needs to cancel, your Sponsor is REQUIRED give at least 72 HOURS notice and/or locate a qualified replacement group whose students can cover the date at that time.

If your Sponsor cancels LESS than 72 hours notice, your group will not be eligible to apply to participate for ONE FULL SEMESTER.

If your group is a “no-show” on the day scheduled you will not be eligible to participate for ONE FULL SCHOOL YEAR.

ANY GIVEN SUNDAY: What To Expect on Volunteer Day

Hours are 700am – 730pm for groups volunteering at MTP, divided primarily into an AM shift (set up) and a PM shift (break down). Tip: if a Sponsor plans on bringing breakfast items for their group, please have your group arrive EARLY as the morning volunteer shift begins PROMPTLY at 7AM. Not being ready to volunteer at 7AM will adversely affect your group’s final score. Below is an example of volunteer duties on any given Sunday.

700am – 10am: Market Set-Up
1000am – 400pm: Gates (two students per gate – Melrose, Fairfax, Girls’ Restroom); Parking Lot/Traffic Control; General Upkeep (Sweeping, trash pick-up)
400pm – 730pm: Market Break-Down

While we understand some groups have more student members than others, an ideal group consists of a minimum of 8 students for each volunteer shift (AM and PM). Set Up and Break Down are the critical hours for volunteer participation, and a strong group presence during these times will be noted towards your group’s final score. Your Sponsor should discuss any potential issues particular to your group with J. Scott during the Orientation.
VOLUNTEER DAY RULES: Why Group Attitude and Performance are Important

Please be prepared to volunteer at your shift start time. Groups cannot start their shift until their Sponsor is present.  We cannot stress this enough: physically being present, yet not ready to begin your volunteer shift does NOT count as being on time, and will affect your group’s final score.


Students and Sponsors are required to show up prepared, dressed to volunteer.

If your group has jerseys or tee shirts, please wear them, and long sleeves/layers in the colder months. Students should be able to work comfortably in their attire.  Gym shoes are recommended. Sandals, open-toed shoes or any other shoes not meant for walking and standing for long hours may NOT be worn. Students wearing unsuitable shoes will not be allowed to volunteer, and this will affect your group’s final score.

Students are NOT allowed to use cell phones, iPods, etc. are during the volunteer shift. MTP provides a secured locker area for volunteer groups to store personal belongings while on shift. Students observed using a phone or listening to an iPod while performing volunteer shift duties will affect your group’s final score. Students are allowed check their phones, etc. during their break(s). In case of an emergency, a volunteer should alert their Volunteer Peer Leader and Sponsor immediately.

Sponsor participation on their group’s volunteer day will affect their final score. Sponsors must be:

  • Present in market (not in a classroom or the gym, etc.) during the entire duration of the volunteer shift and should be prepared to assist in the market from time to time as needed, available on radio/headset
  • Responsible adults (21 years of age or older) who can speak English well so staff and sponsor can communicate. If Sponsors do not speak English, your group must provide a translator who is also a responsible adult.


Groups will be given breaks during their shift, TBD by J. Scott and the duration of each shift.

A meal will also be provided for each member of your group who has completed a minimum 4-hour volunteer shift. (For safety reasons, any volunteers with special dietary restrictions should bring their own lunch, which can be kept refrigerated until the group’s meal break.)

THE PRESENTATION DAY: Your group has completed a volunteer day at MTP. Now what?

Your group must present their case to the FHS Grants Committee, which usually meets on the FIRST Thursday of every other month at 315pm in the Principal’s Conference Room.

Groups are given 15-minute timeslots for presentations.
The sponsor is required to be present – student attendance will be based on the content of the group presentation. Tip: showing solidarity as a group will be noted as we calculate your final score.

An initial overview of the presentation process will be covered in your group’s Orientation. As the date nears for your group to present to the FHS Grants Committee, we offer the opportunity for groups to work with our staff prior to the presentation date to rehearse and finesse their “pitches”.


After your group’s Volunteer Day has passed, and BEFORE you meet with the FHS Grants Committee, your Sponsor is required coordinate a follow-up meeting with J. Scott to touch base about your presentation.

Tips for the Rehearsal:

  • Your group should already have its presentation ready to go. Our staff will NOT be creating your group’s presentation – but is there to give useful pointers on how to make your presentation better, hopefully resulting in more cash for your group’s cause!
  • It is advised that your request is SPECIFIC.  You may want to consider bringing exact worksheets, purchase order, catalogs, etc.
  • How does your request relate to the Mission and Vision Statement of MTP and the School?
  • While articulating your points succinctly is weighed heavily in the evaluation, presentation creativity is equally as important! Think about what your group does, i.e. Robotics Club, Cheerleading Squad…The FHS Grants Committee will be YOUR captive audience – how can you use your group’s strengths to your advantage in your pitch?
  • Your group’s presentation counts for roughly 30% if the Evaluation. Working with your Sponsor and our Staff, let’s create a presentation that shows everyone how amazing everyone in your group is!

If you understand and agree to the above and you are ready to begin the application process, please fill out the form below.

Please include the following information in the large text box:

1. Sponsor’s Phone Number

2. Number of Students in your Club

3. Your Reason for Fundraising

4. Which Sundays your club is available to volunteer

Thank you!

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