•    All vendors must unload and park in vendor parking before setting up. DO NOT PARK ON THE STREET. We respect our neighbors and the relationship we have with them, so it is extremely important to be respectful while driving through the surrounding neighborhoods.
•    20X20 spaces are allowed a maximum of 2 vehicles during set-up and take-down, one in the space and one in the aisle.
•    10X20 spaces are allowed a maximum of 2 vehicles during set-up and take-down, only one at a time, in the aisle.
•    All other spaces are allowed a maximum of one vehicle during set-up and take-down.
•    Customer parking is a priority.  All vendors and their associates must park their vehicles in vendor parking, or in their 20X20 space.
•      No vendor vehicle engines may be on while customers are in the market.  All customers must be out of the market before any vendors can leave.

•    All vendors must set up within designated space lines. NO Exceptions.
•    Do not bring your pets.
•    The sale of counterfeit or stolen goods and drugs is prohibited and is subject to loss of  selling privileges, arrest and prosecution.
•    All children under 12 must be supervised by an adult.
•    All vendors must be in the market by 7:30AM and out of the market before 7:00PM, and no trash is to be left in the spaces.  Vendors in the R and G sections must be out of the market before 6:45PM.
•    If a vendor has not checked in by 7:30am, they are considered no-shows and their space will be sold to a stand by vendor.

Violations of guidelines are handled as follows (depending on severity of the offense):

1st Offense: Warning on file.

2nd Offense: A $50 fine.

3rd Offense: Suspension, Loss of Permanent Status, or Expulsion.

Once you have registered with our market you will receive a detailed copy of our vendor rules, payment policies, and memorandum updates.