Click to Download: VENDOR POLICIES

•    Merchandise must be used, handmade or one of a kind items. Per our insurance policy and permits: No food, adult material, live animals, or weapons (or replicas) may be sold.
•    You must fill out an application and have a current ID.  If you refuse to fill out our paperwork, you will not be allowed to sell in the market.
•    If you sell more than 2 times in a year you must have a California Resale number  (Visit WWW.BOE.CA.GOV to obtain one).
•    Booth prices are between $60 and $110 for the day and must be paid in advance by credit card or money order.
•    Sizes range between 10’X10’ and 20‘X20’.
•    Tent, table and chair rentals are available for the day. Tents are $25, tables (6 feet long) $10, and chairs are $5 each. The tent, table and chair package is $40 for the day, or $120 for the month. Your presentation should be neat and professional.
•    Rain or shine, no refunds.
•    There is a waiting list for each Sunday depending on the quality and type of merchandise you would like to sell.  We do not accept any merchandise that is brand new and not handmade.

It is up to the management team’s discretion to decide whether or not your merchandise
is a good fit to book into the market.

If you would like to be on the waiting list email Natalie at: Natalie@Melrosetradingpost.org or call 323-655-7679 ext. 103.

Be sure to include your name, phone number and brief description of the merchandise you would like to sell.

Pictures are encouraged and can be mailed or emailed. Limit pictures emailed to 5.