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The Melrose Trading Post was founded in 1997 at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, CA by Whitney Weston and Pierson Blaetz as a part of their non-profit organization, Greenway Arts Alliance. Greenway Arts run a professional 99-seat theatre on Fairfax Avenue and runs arts education programs and workshops at Fairfax High School. By posting, blogging, and getting the word out about Greenway Arts and MTP, you are helping us grow. Thank you!

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MTP in the Media – Posts and Stories about the Melrose Trading Post Created by local media and the community

The Melrose Trading Post was featured in Afar Magazine's 17 Awesome Flea Markets in the World. The Melrose Trading Post was featured in Afar Magazine’s 17 Awesome Flea Markets in the World.

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Thank you to everyone who is compelled to write about or take photos of the Melrose Trading Post.

Continue the good work!

LA’s Best Flea Markets for Vintage Treasure Hunting – #6!

Racked LA May 2016

Racked LA likes to feature our customers and vendors!

TP Marketing Efforts

  • On Sundays, large banners are up along the perimeter of the campus facing Melrose and Fairfax Avenues.
  • Publications we advertise with or have been featured in include: Amoeba’s Biannual Magazine, “Music We Love,” San Fernando Valley Business Journal, LA Times, Daily News, West Coast Peddler, The Acorn, LA Weekly, RoundUp News, Huffington Post, and more.
  • We utilize many popular online publications such as ExperienceLA.com, LAWeekly.com, Yelp, RackedLA, Daily Candy, Discover Los Angeles, Lonely Planet, KPCC.org, GuidePal, and more.
  • MTP Vendor Team offers free stickers and flyers for vendors to pass out.
  • Our social media accounts are thriving! Make sure to connect with @MTPFairfax or @MelroseTradingPost!  We are using social media accounts to help promote vendors throughout the week and on market days. Add us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Yelp!
  • Search our favorite Hashtags for awesome collections of market photos: #MTPfairfax,   #PeopleofMTP and #DogsofMTP