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What kind of business are you bringing to the market?

To ensure that your registration ends up in the right place, read through the options below to find which best applies to your business.

Food & Beverage Service Vendors

Interested in selling food & beverage in a booth, truck or cart.

Non-Profit Organizations

Interested in promoting, fundraising and connecting with the community

PR Firm or Larger Company

Interested in staging a promotional activation to promote a larger company or campaign at MTP

Service & Merchandise Vendors

Interested in selling on-the-spot services, art, antiques, collectibles, vintage home & garden goods, plants, vintage clothing & accessories, handmade items, homemade items, locally designed items, handmade accessories, eco-conscious & innovative goods.

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New to running a business in Los Angeles?

If you haven’t registered your business with the a city & state where you pay your taxes, please check out the Vendor Business Resources page for links to help you get started in turning your idea into a business.

Have a business and ready to book spaces?

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Small Business Merchandise & Service Vendors

Grab your cup of tea, your best reading glasses, and get comfortable. Scroll down to read the MTP New Vendor Information, and complete the 4 step  New Vendor Registration Process.

Please read this part carefully. By completing this process, you are entering into an agreement with Greenway Arts Alliance.

The Registration Process

STEP 1: Determine Your Merchandise Category (1 or 2)
STEP 2: Download & Review the MTP Vendor Handbook
STEP 3: Download the Market Map
STEP 4: Submit a Registration Form

  • By purchasing a booth at Greenway Arts Alliance’s community event, the Melrose Trading Post, you are agreeing to the policies, procedures and guidelines in the MTP Vendor Handbook.
  • Absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed at the market… it’s a high school campus!
  • When you book your first space at our market, the email address you register with will be subscribed to our vendor and patron e-newsletters to receive updates and reminders about the market that may impact your Sunday.

This is it! It’s time to Register.

Scroll down to the yellow bar below and click the arrow to start the 4 step process.

Things to Know About the Registration Process:

  • Registration form submissions are not replied to due to the large volume received each week.
  • After you have registered, follow the directions in the MTP Vendor Handbook to book a space according to your Merchandise Category.
  • After you have filled out the registration form, email or call Ash Kumar if you are eligible to book a space that week.