Oscars = Hollywood Street Closures This Sunday

Oscars = Hollywood Street Closures This Sunday

While most people are not very excited about the Oscar award show due to it’s lack of diversity, Angelenos get a special bonus the day of the award show: Street Closures

Most blogs will recommend you avoid Hollywood completely, but it is a little unavoidable for some MTP Vendors and Visitors.  The map below has the streets that will be closed as some point on Sunday, February 28th.  The official list of times and closure points can be found on the last page of this document from the Oscar website.

Major streets to know closing at 4am Sunday and lasting until 4am on Monday, February 29:

Highland Avenue from Sunset Boulevard to Franklin Avenue
Hollywood Boulevard from from Cahuenga Boulevard to La Brea Boulevard
Hawthorn Avenue from Highland Avenue to McCadden Place
Yucca Street from Highland Avenue to Wilcox Avenue
Wilcox Avenue between Sunset Boulevard and Cahuenga Boulevard

If you’re coming from the 101, you can use Cahuenga Blvd or cut through Franklin Avenue to get to Fairfax or La Brea.

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