Artist Opportunities

Greenway Arts Alliance offers opportunities for artists to create and participate in projects in the Melrose Trading Post.

We hope you’ll make art with us!

Current Projects

 Lead Art Projects with Local Families

(Posted March 19, 2019)

Greenway Arts is looking for artists in our community to lead a morning arts project with local kids and families.

How will the project work?

  • During Melrose Mornings, we will sell tickets to the attending families.
  • With these tickets, they can “pay” to participate in a variety of activities, including “Making Art with an Artist.”
  • Once a month we are going to bring in an artist to lead a project with our community. The money earned from the tickets will be shared between our organization and the artist.
  • We have applied for sponsorships to receive the arts supplies as a donation. Suggestions for local donations and sponsorship opportunities would be greatly appreciated.

What is Melrose Mornings?

  • We’re launching a uniquely Melrose family programming on Sunday April 28th and will continue every Sunday.
  • From 9AM-11AM there will be a family-centric programming & activities in the courtyard of the market.
  • We’re building a putt-putt course, bringing family-centric music & entertainment and hosting and arts & crafts booth.
  • Ash is also curating a Farm to City section of the courtyard called “Seasonal Selections.”

How do I Apply!?

Send Natalie your really cool, uniquely Melrose Arts & Crafts project appropriate for 5-10 year old kids and their families. Email with:

  • Your project description,
  • A list of materials,
  • The month(s) you’re interested in leading this project at the market,
  • A short description of yourself and your art.

Send any questions to Natalie as well.  Thank you!

Artist Opportunity to Collaborate on MTP Merch


The Melrose Trading Post is looking for current permanent vendors / artists who would like to collaborate with us on the merchandise for our pop-up shop.

What is involved?

  • We will give you a small batch of either MTP baseball hats, MTP canvas tote bags or MTP t-shirts.
  • You will work your magic on up to 5 these items on an agreed upon timeline, turning them into one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • Bring them back to us, and we will trade you one free space (valued at $70-$120) in exchange for your work.
  • We will sell these items in our pop-up shop to raise awareness of your art and to fundraise for our organization.

The Benefits

  • We will post about the collaborate on our social media, blog and newsletters. (with your name and website links).
  • If you provide us with photos or videos of your process of transforming our merch, we will gladly post them too.


Email with the subject “MTP Artist Collaboration” with your ideas and the items you’re interested in transforming.

Past Projects

(thank you to our artists!)

Shelley the Artist painted two mobile murals for the Melrose Trading Post (thank you to everyone who applied for our 2017 mural project!)

Big Boss Art Co and Mid City Signs painted our logos on our building!

More Artist Opportunities

Feature Your Photography on the Melrose Trading Post Instagram Page

If the Melrose Trading Post fascinates the photographer in you, or you’re a photographer looking to be seen by our audience, lets talk!

Email to collaborate or have your photo(s) featured on our social media.

Perform on our Stages