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Student Volunteer Application

Application for MTP Support Grant
for Fairfax High School Clubs and Organizations
I acknowledge that I have read and understand the MTP Support Grant Point System guidelines. *
Clubs/organizations must comprehensively read these guidelines ( before proceeding
Name of Student Group or Club *
Must be an approved Fairfax High School Club or Organization
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Sponsor's Full Name *
This person will be our point-of-contact
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Sponsor's Phone Number *
For contacting after school
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Sponsor's Email Address *
For sending out documents and confirming details
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Number of Students in the Club *
Should reflect the total amount of active club members
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Does your club meet after school or during a specific class period? If so, when? *
This helps us schedule meetings with your group.
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Grant Amount Requested *
What amount of money is your group requesting as their MTP Support grant?
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Your Reason for Fundraising *
What will your grant pay for?
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If you're interested in doing community service on campus at MTP, which Sunday(s) is your group available to volunteer? *
Pick several upcoming Sundays to increase your chances of getting a preferred date.
If your group has been awarded grants in the past, how did you use the granted monies?
Provide as much detail as possible
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Questions or Comments?
Include any questions you may have for Greenway's staff and board members.
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