Celebrating 20 Years At Fairfax High School! x

Parking & Admission

Every Sunday – 9AM to 5PM – Rain or Shine
On the Campus of Fairfax High School
Parking entrance at Clinton and Fairfax.

7850 Melrose Avenue,
Los Angeles CA 90046


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Calendar of Events

  • Greenway Arts Main Stage: Dylan Chambers, Pretty Polly, and Johnzo West

    Melrose Sunday Music Series
    Greenway Arts Main Stage Line Up

    10:30 – 12:15PM – Dylan Chambers
    12:30 – 2:15PM – Pretty Polly
    2:30PM – 4:15PM – Johnzo West

  • Corner Stage: Josh Shirah & Carl Tassi Quartet

    Melrose Sunday Music Series
    Greenway Court Corner Stage Line Up

    11:00 – 1:00PM – Josh Shirah
    1:30PM – 4:15PM – Carl Tassi Quartet